About Us

AVFX Capital is an International CFD Broker that offers tailored trading services to clients from startups to large business houses around the globe. We provide the best quality, our superior order execution, IT and server performance as well and dedicated support services are the key features of our services. The multiplicities of our trading products always meet every trader's needs.

AVFX Capital provides excellent trading conditions for all our products including:

  • Currency,
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Metals,
  • Commodities,
  • Shares,
  • Indices,
  • Energies and so on.

We have great resources holding a team of well-trained professionals and the latest user-friendly trading platform with a wide range of instruments to serve you at your doorsteps and make your trading successful as well as easy. We have great experience in CFD and Trading has led to us developing highly effective investment alternatives that capitalize on CFD's growing status as an asset class in its own right. No issue whether you are being a passive investor seeking portfolio management services, or individually taking a more hands-on approach to your capital. We have a great experienced team ready to help you access the world's largest and most liquid market with ease.

AVFX Capital is an industry-leading resource for online brokers. In one year, we pride ourselves on using strict, proprietary testing methods and drawing insightful comparisons and therefore AVFX Capital boasts over 80,000 words of research today.

We aim to help you gain confidence in online CFD trading and make sure you reap the best results.

Over100 Countries

Over 10,00,000 Traders

Over 5000 Partners

Maximum Benefits to Our Customers

Why Trust Us

  • Provide Service Excellence
  • Real-time margin protection
  • Trading with Confidence
  • Use Advance Tools
  • Secured
  • Personal Training

Our strong relationship with Liquidity Providers and Prime Brokers provides us the ability to offer our valuable clients the best trading conditions and adequate liquidity at all times.

We always strive to support 24/7 our esteemed clients at each step of their way through one-on-one training sessions by having our Personal Trainer, Free Webinars, and Online Curriculum with various topics on CFD and trading.