As you know since the beginning of time gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium are have been well known as valuable metals, the only reason is for their high value. Those precious metals are very expensive, difficult to mine as well as refine, and appreciated by industries and investors alike. Out of those metals Gold is sensitive to the state of the global markets and traded on the basis of risk-on as well as risk-off sentiment. Metal Trading is very special and innovative to trading market approach. Gold and silver are the industrial raw material used in several ways in several industries. AVFX Capital provides excellent trading conditions for all spot metals without any exceeding exposure on Gold, Silver and Bronze. Offers spot metals in USD as a 1% margin on such metals and as a foreign exchange broker company offers trading on valuable metals as an interesting alternative to currency investment.

Reasons are affecting on precious metal prices

Supply and demand theory

Supply and demand is an economic theory that can be applied on any products or goods and items.  The shortage and available of precious metals like gold or silver or precious metals value could be increased or decreased or get those more valuable in the market.

Industrial output

Today precious metals like gold or silver have a huge range of industrial uses in the market whether it is used in manufacture of automotive parts, jewellery or medical devices or precision or electronics.

Fluctuate Economic

It is noticed since long times due to economic and political instability, precious metals are traditionally viewable and safe havens due to their long lasting value.

Interest rates

Gold or silver or any precious metals offer desirable options for fixed-income investors, whose investments offer a lower yield when rates are slashed. They don’t have taken any interest to take any risk at the moment.

Dollar strengths

Hope you noticed, while the dollar falls in the market, then precious metals like gold or silver are at their good place to store those value and less expensive for any countries to buy.

Quantitative relieve

Last but not the least; precious metals are generally performed better in a rising-inflation environment.

What do you need to start metals trading on AVFX Capital

Always say, our traders are most valuable to us. AVFX Capital offers to our esteemed traders the opportunity to trade metal assets on their MT4, MT5 platforms. In order to trade metals on those platforms and traders are will need the following:

  • An account with AVFX Capital. This account should be funded as a minimum of $5,000, so as to cater for the increased margin requirements.
  • You are accessed to our advanced charting software for technical analysis.
  • Get in-depth knowledge how to use the MT4, MT5 platforms that are offered by AVFX Capital.
  • You are access to market news which has specific significance to the metal assets being traded on AVFX Capital.

Why Trade Metals

  • Sometimes precious metals like gold, silver are considered safe for investments and can be used to hedge like a fence against inflation and economic uncertainty. No issue that is even those is still affected by price fluctuations and that can be protected against economic changes.
  • This is true Global Metals Market might not be very vast like as forex or the wider commodities. But there are still many advantages of metal trade which make it as another option for many traders and investors.
  • In case of Metal Trading, diversification is another method for reducing risk and metals also play an important factor if those can diminish against more volatile forex markets.
  • Metal trading is one of the best in terms of low and easy cost trading. Online metal trading makes the process easy and simple by updated analysis tools and charts alongside low transaction costs for making a metal trade.
  • Metal trading is out of boundary. It’s not compulsory by any certain countries the way currencies can be by presenting high levels of international liquidity. Only precious metals are easy to buy and sell anywhere in the world.

Start Metal Trading with AVFX Capital

Open an account with AVFX Capital now and start online metal trading.

We provide MT4, MT5 updated software for all platforms for metal trading. Our online software and tools are very user-friendly and more so that is very easy for beginners and new traders. Our online education on metal trading, trading news, economic calendar, expert and experienced advisors are very helpful to improve your metal trading experience too.

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