Commodities are the means of basic items of consumption in our daily life for worldwide economy. You can say such as food grains, dry fruits, vegetable oils, tea or coffee, crude oil, metals, electronic goods and items like so on. Commodities are traded around the world on different exchanges and traded as an agreement to trade means there is price and date already set as per the agreement. We provide on our platforms as per contracts and based on the price of an underlying asset. But that does not grant your ownership of the physical goods. Apart from this, traders do not have to actually own the asset and traders are can trade those whenever and wherever they want.

AVFX Capital is very well known for Commodity Trading and has a simple format to trade for these commodities and you can buy those in a cheap rate and sell at a higher price. Deal with commodities is going on since long times and dating back further than trading stocks and bonds. Trading on commodities is a perfect alternative to park your cash when the stock market is unusually volatile whereas commodities are usually just move opposite to stocks. So we are at your service always to serve you and provide professional planned and strategized commodities trading for you.

Types of Commodities

There are two different kinds of commodities, a) soft and b) hard:

  • Soft commodities
    Agricultural products such as dry fruits, vegetable oils, food grains, cotton and more are come to soft commodities. Agricultural products are produced by farmers and these instruments are as you know highly sensitive and depend on climate and weather changes.
  • Hard commodities

Crude oil, metals, coal, steel like so on such types of goods and items are come to this category.  This refers to items those are come from under the land and mine.

How to trade commodities

  1. Choose your market first
    You need to choose the commodity first, such as Crude Oil, Gold or Natural Gas like so on.
  2. Go to buy or sell
    If you already bought then wait for a long time, if you think prices will rise, or if you go for short-term then sell, if you think prices will go down.
  3. Decide a trade size

You need to decide on the particular amount per point movement or how many units you need to trade.

  1. Go to manage your risk
    Better select from a range of stop-loss orders with guaranteed stop-loss orders. Then guaranteed stop loss orders work exactly the same as to regular stop-loss orders, excluding premium, there is a guarantee to close you out of a trade at the price you specify regardless of market volatility or gapping. Then your premium is refunded in full if the guaranteed stop loss order not triggered.
  2. You should monitor your position
    Once you placed your trade, you need to monitor your open positions and need to follow your real time profit as well as loss.
  3. Close your position
    If you know, your trade is not closed automatically and if order not being triggered then go for close your trade when you have decided to close.

How You Can invest into Commodities

  • In terms of commodities, I think precious metals like gold, silver can be a good portfolio diversifier and hedge against inflation. Out of all precious metals, gold is the most well-known and one out there for investors.
  • Owning any physical metal any investors can go to gain access through the contract market or mutual funds or the mining company stocks.
  • In addition, next to Gold or Silver, Platinum, and Palladium metals are can be added to your precious metals portfolio irrespective each metals have their own unique risks as well as opportunities.


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