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ECN PRO CFD account is a type of foreign exchange trading account that allows you to trade in mini lot positions. This account is best for beginners who do not have much experience in CFD trading. It is a popular option among less experienced investors who wish to experiment with smaller trades. ECN PRO CFD accounts also help traders by reducing their risk in other ways. For example, trading with ECN Pro lots can permit greater levels of multiplicity, because the same amount of capital can be invested with a greater number of lots.

  • Minimum Deposit $2000
  • From Spread 0.8
  • Leverage upto 200
  • No Commission
  • Market execution

How it Works

ECN PRO lots are one-tenth the size of a standard lot: 10,000 units instead of 100,000 units. Because currencies trade in "pips," which each represent 1% of a single basis point, a currency movement equal to a single pip would result in a $2000 charge for a standard lot position. However, that same one-pip move would result in only a $1 change if the trader used a mini lot position. Ecn Pro CFD accounts allow traders to make use of these smaller, less leveraged lots.

ECN PRO account is a CFD trade made up of contracts for 1,000 units of currency. These types of accounts are one of three common types of accounts in the CFD market micro accounts, trading such as investors use when trading currencies, mini accounts, and standard accounts. We would suggest beginners those who have less experience in the CFD market.

You can choose mt4 and mt5 trading platforms in this account at AVFX Capital. 

Specification for ECN PRO CFD Account:

Trading Instruments

Metatrader4,  Metatrader5

Fifth Decimal:


Max leverage:



Market Execution

Minimum opening deposit:


Minimum trade size:

0.01 lot

Trade size increment:


Margin Call / Stop out level:

50% / 30%

Telephone Trading:


Account Currency:




Raw bonus:

Flexible Bonus Offerings(Contact sales team)

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