What is Energy Trading?

Energy trading and energy marketing are the forms of bulk energy such as buying, selling, and moving like electricity and natural gas. AVFX Capital tries to up energy trading online and offers trading in popular energies, including Brent and Crude Oil. We offer spot and futures contracts with low spreads, small margins, and 10-barrel lots.  

 Why Energy Trading is Important

The main things are energy industries are the demand and supply of energy. For that reason, there are many energy suppliers and consumers to buy or sell any type of energy. There are almost all types of energy types can be traded as electricity, oil, gas, coal, and carbon dioxide (CO2).

The supply and process in energy trading are very clear as well as transparent. There are many factors for achieving an effective and transparent energy market that will produce fair prices, such as having more sellers and buyers by having an increased trading volume, a high information density, having honest pricing between supply and demand prices.

 Energy commodities are important commodities and very demanding in our social life. The term “energy commodities” is a wide range including a variety of petrol, oil, gasoline, and coal which are derived from energy sources like Coal, Brent Crude Sea Oil, Gasoline, Natural Gas, Heating Oil, and Natural Gas. Energy trading and marketing refers to the buying, selling, and moving of electricity and natural gas from where it is produced to where it is needed. There are some other commodities available like Corn, Copper, and other Natural Minerals that belong to electricity and natural gas are termed traded commodities.

Our main activities:

  • We optimize and fence and customer portfolios.

  • Do handle the source of fuels and carbon credits.

  • Manage the trading of physical and financial energy commodities for our valued customers.

  • Offer transactions and tailor-made contracts to our business partners and partners as per their specific needs.

  • Offer spot contracts with low spreads on small margins.


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