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What is Meta Trader Platform

Meta Trader is an electronic trading platform widely used by online retail foreign exchange speculative traders. It is very safe and reliable. Meta Trader was developed by MetaQuotes Software in 2005. There are two versions of Meta Traders MT4 and MT5. The software is only designed for CFD traders and the software is licensed and provided to foreign exchange brokers for their clients. The software consists of two parts:

a) Client Component: The client software is provided to the broker’s customers so that they can see live streaming prices and charts and place orders as well as manage their accounts.

b) Server Component: The server component is only authorized by the broker and the broker will be able to manage or monitor their customers’ activities as well.


 Why use Meta Trader in Trading

The software connects to the different trading platforms in the CFD markets and allows to trade in them through devices. This is a device and platform that independent users can use on a computer, tablet, iPad, or mobile as well. In other words, Metatrader is the link between brokers and customers. You can choose your CFD Traders through this software and provide an opportunity by which the customer wants to trade. More so it is compatible and updated with the CFD Platform.

Metatrader is free and very fast and lightweight software that you can download to your device instantly such as a desktop, laptop, mobile, iPad, iPhone so on from its official website, and allows you to perform operations quickly. Meta Trader also allows you to configure to stop loss, pending, and trailing stop orders and maximize profits.

In addition, you can make use of expert advisors; they will trade for you automatically by using the best investment strategies. More so, that also offers you a transaction history to help you so that you can see all the movements your previous activities, your positions, and generate more effective strategies for your future transactions.

It is very dynamic and ideal for foreign exchange traders to watch market fluctuations through speculation as well as opening up opposite positions. MT4, and MT5 both versions are for all types of trading such as bonds, indexes, stocks, metals, and commodities.

Difference between Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5

Features Meta Trader 4 Meta Trader 5
Programming language used MQL4 MQL5
Number of orders executed 3 4
Number of pending orders 4 6
Ease of use and navigation Very easy Somehow difficult
Number of indicators 30 38
Analytical tools 33 68
Availability in brokers Very high Not very high


Download Meta Trader Apps

MT4 for Windows Download
MT4 for Android Download
MT4 for Apple Download
MT4 for Linux Download
MT5 for Windows Download
MT5 for Android Download
MT5 for Apple Download
MT5 for Linux Download

Download Multi-Terminal App(MT4)

Multi-Terminal App (for Meta Trader-4 Only) Download

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